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Providing Grounded Bodywork for Busy Lives

Menu of services currently offered (more to come!)

Providing grounded bodywork for busy lives

Holistic Health Coaching

Is Health Coaching Right For You?


Get some assistance on what you need to succeed. Is it a cheerleader? Someone to work out with? Direction on what to eat? Help i

Adopting a Holistic Mindset


Curiously explore your thoughts patterns, beliefs, addictions and traditions that become our habits. Set small goals for lasting results. 

Changing What You Eat


Adopt different eating habits to become the person you’ve always known, vibrant, happy and energized. Get some direction on what to eat. 

Movement Isn’t Optional


Some of us need a workout partner in order to Be held accountable. Want to explore hiking? How about road or mountain biking? Want to go big and do some backpacking? Yoga outdoors or in? I’ve got a lifetime of experience and more energy than I can burn. Let’s do this!

Spiritual Growth & Counseling


Want to start a spiritual practice but not sure what direction to go in? Are you feeling lost? Do you actively seek oneness with the Divine? Want to explore meditation and enlightenment? I’m your gal. You can talk all sorts of ways about the Creator with me and I will help you create and start a practice that is right for you. Your views and beliefs are allowed to evolve. I can guide you on this journey. 

Increasing Emotional Intellegence


Explore how your level of emotional maturity is helping or hindering your progress in life. Learn effective ways to be strong, create boundaries and be creative.