Gaia Massage & Yoga, LLC


“Sarah is a gifted healer with a detailed understanding of yoga and massage on both an anatomical and spiritual level. She is constantly expanding her knowledge base by reading, practicing and studying with others. This allows each visit to be individualized and created to meets the needs of her client and student. I have highly recommended her to many friends and none have been disappointed.”
-Linda Vognar, Veterinanian

“I highly recommend Sarah for everyone looking for an enjoyable and deeply effective healing experience. Spending time with Sarah, especially while receiving bodywork, is an excellent way to reconnect with knowing yourself as healthy, magnificent, radiant, and loving.”
-Julie Schmitt, LMT

“I would like to recommend Sarah (Pederson) of Gaia Massage and Yoga. I have been a patient of hers for over three years. I have chronic kidney disease (IgA Nephropathy) and suffer from flank pain and general muscle aches and stiffness. I have received both Reiki and massage therapy from Sarah and find her to be a gifted practitioner. Sarah cares about her patients and adjusts treatments for each patient’s individual needs. I have experienced deep relaxation and increased flexibility, as well as stress and pain reduction following treatments. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking to improve the quality of their life.”

-Mark Lehman, R.S.,

“Sarah is a fabulous massage therapist. She does a great job every single time. She is very sensitive and knows just what her clients need the moment they step in to her massage room. She is a true expert in her field and I highly recommend her services to everyone!”
-Patricia Wickman, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

“Sarah was the very first yoga instructor that I’ve experienced. Sarah has innate abilities to really connect with her students. Compassionate, sincere, well-knowledgeable, and a wonderful human being. I highly recommend Sarah. Because of her, I love practicing yoga.”
-Tammy Jo McIntyre

“Sarah (Pederson) is a bright and engaged student. I’ve worked with Sarah for several years and she’s consistently demonstrated a dedication to deepening her understanding of yoga. Sarah radiates her enthusiasm for helping others be their best through yoga. I consider myself fortunate to work with Sarah, and look forward to watching where her teaching career takes her. If you’re fortunate enough to encounter Sarah’s teaching, congratulations! You’ll enjoy the depth of her understanding, as well as her infectious laugh and sense of humor.”
-Scott Anderson, E-RYT, Owner, Alignment Yoga

“I have been going to Sarah Roeder’s Core Alignment Yoga for over three years now. I had never been to a yoga class before and I was very reluctant to try this but luckily I have a friend that drug me to it. I am so glad she did. I have learned so much about my body-how things are all related. Usually at the beginning of class Sarah will ask if there are areas on our bodies that are hurting or just need a little extra attention. As class goes on, sometime we don’t even work on those areas but by the end of class they have stopped hurting. Sarah teaches how working on one part of the body will relieve the tension on other parts of the body. I love starting my day with Core Alignment Yoga and Sarah. ” -Linda Thompson, Retired

“Sarah’s yoga classes are among the best that I’ve ever attended. At the beginning of class Sarah asks students what parts of our bodies need some extra attention and then she designs the content of the class from that information. No two classes are ever the same and I appreciate that. I always feel much better when leaving her class. If you’re a beginner or advanced yogini, I guarantee that you would thoroughly enjoy taking Sarah’s class.” -Deanna Woods, Retired